Monday, November 20, 2006

TiVo the FPN enabler

TiVo has been the leader in the digiital video recorder space long before Sky gave you Sky+

It's of varying success in the UK but in an effort to keep current in the times of SlingBox and Orb and place shifting partnerships with 3 UK they have announced the ability to share and invite users to shared content from your TiVo.

For those of you that use Flikr or Picasa Web you will be used to sending invitations to your photo archive. TiVo what this to be true of TV content, one of their ideas is a YouTube type video share with the Grandparents. This form of Family Private Network may be successful in some of the transitory nations (Sweden and Finland spring to mind) and given the slow uptake of DVD cam corders and the increasing difficulties to source VHS media for the family video this might be a good use.

The sharing is performed by uploading your video to One True Media in a classic publishe/subscriber model. At least one side needs to be a TiVo series 2 or series 3 owner, they hope to increase sales of TiVo ultimately.

I wonder if there is a market for having some form of TiVo lite that you can install on your home PC and get the most out of technologies in a single device.


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X marks the spot

The recent announcement from 3 UK to partner with Google, MSN and Skype caused some noise.

Many pundits are musing over the partnership with Skype and it's disruptive "the whole world can talkk for free" which is targetted directly at 3 and it's usual suspect of associates. You've got to figure that the expansion of municpal networks (Norwich and Milton Keynes stlye) combined with more dual mode handsets appearing on the market that Skype is going to make some real in-roads into the mobile space. 3 are probably thinking that the timing is right to be a partner and not a target if the domain is going to change anyway.

What was of lesser visibility was the time and place shifting that is also planned to be part of the X-series phone kit. The platform also includes Orb and Sling for viewing your TV choices over the 3G wireless network.

Given the Skypers next disruptive project is the Venice project and their idea for TV 2.0 I'm not sure how the TV part of the partnership will evolve.


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