Friday, July 25, 2008

Snapped Up...No such thing as a new idea

Less than 6 months after I posted my EFTPOS meets the Wellington public transport idea Snapper is now on the hook.

Snapper is the Wellington take on the EZLink card with RFID payments for transport and micro payments. After seeing the first on-bus terminal on Tuesday today I witnessed the ANZ branded snapper keyring being used by a customer to buy their lunch.

Back to the drawing board.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Bangkok Metro Wai-Fi

While many cities have already dabbled with, and in many cases shutdown, city WiFi projects Bangkok is just rolling theirs out.

The speeds will be low, around the 64K mark, as the service is designed to allow employees to check their email and use IM.

This is all in an effort to give people an alternative to the daily commute in the time of high fuel prices, lack of supply for NGV cars (Taxis) and the general congestion problems on the capital's roads.

Having worked from home on ADSL and dealing with large attachments typically sent my email today the low speed will be impacting on adoption.

Overall I wish the operator every success but feel that the service is doomed from the start. The main concern is how much business, even general business, can be conducted in a hands off approach in Thailand. The Wai is still a powerful sales and business tool. Face-to-face meetings will continue to be the core of the decision making process and distance from the Pu Yai's office ties in with a circle of ever-decreasing power and responsibility.

Bangkok will be truly ready for WiFi when business society is ready for Wai-less working.