Monday, March 29, 2010

An appropriate finger jesture?

We all recognnise that not alll devices are made equal. Many handsets try to squeeze in a QWERTY keyboard for convenience, but the convenience is lost as the keys become too small to be useful to many users.

Some four years ago I started thinking about breaking a typical phone into component parts, allowing you to adopt a best of breed approach to phone, camera, music player etc. This relied on some form of Bluetooth hub to facilitate the connectivity and some gadget to use as the input/control device.

A researcher at Carnegie Mellon University has decided that this gadget is you! more specifically your hand and arm. His idea is a Skinput device that allows finger jestures to be used as the control device. He also proposes that the receiver/reader would use Bluetooth technology to send that jesture as a command to the relevant hardware component.

Interested to see if this becomes a reality...