Wednesday, January 13, 2010

On SIP, Skype, FreePBX and Handsets

Way back in June 2006 I posted this entry on using Gizmo with Asterisk as a SIP gateway.

Skype have just released their latest Beta version of Skype for SIP which can be used with any PBX that supports a SIP service, this could be freePBX, but I still think there is room in the non-Enterprise space for Asterisk on a WiFi router (see the original post).

As we still talk about service and device convergence there is certainly a role for mobile handsets, like Nokia's E series phones, that support a SIP service. This can be used in the office as your desk phone. Skype for SIP will help build the momentum in their foray into the enterprise space. I would still like to think that mobile handsets can be used to fill the void in mobile and unified comms for the office roamers, it would certainly make life easier in the office I currently work in and save a mile or two of cabling running around the desks.