Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Convergence needs a phone to be True

The telephony company now known as True, Thailand, has decided to buy a larger share in the Cable (read digital satellite) company UBC.

They make the move with the intention to consolidate some of their operation and move to be able to provide a triple+ play service with TV (UBC), IP Access (KSC Internet) and Telephony (True landline and Orange mobile).

However their is a flaw in their plan and that is in order to offer triple play they need to have a solid base of single play first. Here we are in 2005 and I still don't have a phone line, let alone ADSL in my home.

The incumbent, TOT, cannot provide me with a phone line; despite living 2.5 KM from their headquarters. On asking True, the only other alternative for Bangkok, they don't have enough circuits and so I have to wait for a current subscriber to cancel service before I can get a number (and hence circuit).

The True dream is to have voice, IP and TV (plus other content) delivered to homes in Bangkok (and up country). Maybe instead of spending 18+ billion baht on that dream the should first ensure that their enough circuits in the city to meet the demand. Once the customer base is supplied then provide triple play services on top of that.

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