Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Good Wibrotions - Mobile WiMax or Wibro goes PDA

The Solutions and Content Exhibition Korea (SEK) has just finished and there has been some focus on Korea's own Wireless Broadband (Wibro).

WiMax, as it's more globally recognized, is very active as a technology in Korea and they represent the bleeding edge of the use and deployment of the 802.16 standard.

The Bangkok Posts Tony Waltham was in Seoul for SEK and you can see his write up of his experience with the WiMax Muni Net from this link.

Samsung took the opportunity to show off there newest Wibro phone, the PDA M8100. As it's only available in Korea today the only write up from the vendor I could find was in Korean so I can share the write up on UberGizmo.

I might be heading to Korea for a couple of months in August so it will be good to experience Wibro first hand. If it happens expect some write ups here.

For a round up of SEK read Tony Waltham's article in the Bangkok Posts Database weekly supplement.

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