Thursday, October 20, 2005

Mobile Mail - more options

Mobile email has for a long time been limited to Blackberry service on their handsets, there are a few other PDA's that can be used. However Research In Motion (RIM) are actively working with Nokia, amongst others, to Blackberry enable more smartphones.

Some of the first handsets targeted include the new E series phones from Nokia; the E60, E61 and E70.

There have been postings on here and on Paul Jardine's Produktivity blog about the ideal IP device.

I think with this E series Nokia has come really close. The E60 is a convenient size and very feature rich with multiple connectivity options including WiFi.

What is a really promising feature is the ability, with supporting PBX hardware, to use the handset within your corporate telephone network (4 digit dial etc). This brings mobile handsets into a new position for a truly flexible device. Maybe you throw away your DECT phone now?

When you're out of the office you can make calls from GSM and WCDMA networks, if the mobile operator has a UNC you can even opt to use WiFi, Bluetooth or GPRS to make voice over IP calls.

With email support for Blackberry and other service providers you can stay in touch wherever you are.

I for one will be waiting with anticipation to see how this handset performs, of course it will be some time before most of the features can be used in Thailand (if ever) but I can use DTAC's Push Mail service.

I think DTAC have made the right choice with this as it does not force users to purchase a Blackberry or iPaq device. However once RIM finish the job the Blackberry service will be handset independent, at which time DTAC can also move to supply the service as well as Push Mail.

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