Thursday, May 04, 2006

Desktop killed the Radio Star....and others

Do you ever watch Click Online on BBC World? if you lived in the UK do you remember Tomorrow's World.

Both programmes that walk the average Joe through new and emerging technologies and they were scheduled and run by other people.

Today think about how I could sit in front of my PC and do something similar that is relevant to me and my community of like minded people.

Video Logging (Vlogging)

All powerful idea centric tools available to you that enable you to share (ramble) your suggestions and opinions.

A weekly show to demonstrate a gadget?
A weekend broadcast...?
Daily Blog?
Online conference?
All of the above or any combination that works for you and your audience.

We have more and more tools at our disposal to reach outside of physical location and have mass contact with others all over the world. A marketing man's dream.....!

It's a desktop publishing revolution and will start soon.

But..... there's always a but right. Reporters sans fontieres (Reporters Without Borders) has updated their list of countries that need to be watched in their attempts to control the internet and activities (like blogging)

But that's just technology and there's only so much a country can do within their sphere of influence.

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