Monday, May 08, 2006

Slingapore Airlines....Your own in-flight entertainment

Flown Singapore Airlines recently? they were one of the first carriers that I knew of that had in-flight internet access; using the Boeing Connexion service.

OK so it's not cheap, I did hope that you would be allowed to use those accumulated airmiles as a payment method but it hasn't happened yet, but it could be a premium service people might want to use.

Heard of a SlingBox yet? got one? want one?

So you're on your flight from Singapore to London and you'd like to catch up with some TV programmes that you missed. Browse from your laptop via the Picocell connection (Connexion) and hook into your SlingBox feed.

Now slide over to Yahoo and re-programme your TiVo to get your favourite programs ready for the return flight.

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