Tuesday, July 04, 2006

IM Mobile

Or should that be I am mobile, I never was very good at grammar.

I have been made aware of Mxit recently. I downloaded it onto my phone to have a play.

Mxit is an Instant Messaging platform for small clients, handsets, that connects you to your list of online contacts in your messenger of choice through GPRS or CDMA (3G) networks.

The interface is good considering the size of the phone screen and pretty intuitive to use. It could certainly become popular here with some minor tweaking. Localization would be a plus for the app to make it easy for non-English speakers to use the service.

One of the things I like about it is the ability it gives me to see across many IM's who is available. I use YIM and MSN and more and more I am using GoogleTalk as me network starts to move into the Googlesphere. In windows world this generally means many IM clients, Mxit acts as a mobile IM aggregator.

Agile is also out there but not an option for me as it doesn't support GoogleTalk. The list seems to be a SIP service so 'snaps' to Mxit for getting jabber support into their client :)

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