Friday, July 21, 2006

One small step for Maemo.....One giant leap for Maemo users

Not long after Nokia announced it's plans to release a non-phone I was keeping my eye on the project.

Living in neither the UK or US I haven't been able to buy one yet but a good friend did buy one whilst on a trip in November.

I played with it for a bit as was mostly disappointed. The screen is amazingly clear but there was limited functionality and the WiFi connection was clunky and unreliable.

Now with the release and installation of Maemo 2.0 the tablet has really come into it's own. The connection is far more reliable and the new range of applications makes it a truly useful piece of hardware rather than just a play thing.

The inclusion of Gizmo for 770 is a nice addition and the ability to use GoogleTalk would now give me a full range of communication options.

Even when outside the range of a WiFi hot-spot with a suitable phone (something like the E60, which I am still waiting to buy) I can pair it up and use the GPRS connection over a bluetooth bridge to stay connected.

Two things now need to happy:

  1. We need to get a headset profile so I can use my bluetooth headset for VoIP
  2. I need to find a Telco in Thailand that can give me a large buffet of GPRS, my current provider (DTAC) has the closest name to DATA of all the Thai Telco's yet their Data policy is almost non-existent
Next time I go back to the UK or find myself in the US I think the little device has evolved far enough to warrant the price :)

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