Wednesday, August 30, 2006

UMA gets Danish Nationality

Almost 1 year ago Paul in his usual tongue-in-cheek approach blogged about the foresight of Uma Thurman's parents

Well in a shock exposure she has decided to become a Danish National !!

The Baltic trader that is TeliaSonera, with presence in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, is the first mobile operator to release [publicly] UMA into it's network.

Unlicensed Mobile Access or UMA is the technology that allows more traditional mobile operators to create a pire into their GSM network to allow people to start make use of some of the IP and dual mode feature on their phones.

It, in theory, allows mobile subscribers to use VoWiFi features but this then gets routed through onto the GSM network. It is one of the real enablers for one form of fixed mobile convergence (FMC) that opens up the mobile handset to be used for home based telephony, using SIP phone.

The key benefits for the subscriber are that they have the convenience of their contacts at their fingertips when using their phone in home telephone mode but combined with something closer to VoIP rates, therefore a lower price point.

The main benefit for the Telco is that it should in theory help minimize the long foreseen disruption to their revenues that VoIP and VoWLAN will bring to the mobile markets. It could help reduce the churn away from their businesses.

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