Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Do you Yahoo! Beta?....I do now

Just got my invite to Yahoo! Mail Beta.

It's got some nice new usability features that I welcome in my email client.

  1. Preview Pane for advance reading
  2. Drag and Drop support for organizing your mail into your folders (a big thumbs up for someone like me that likes to compartmentalize my mail)
  3. Multi non-contiguous select using CTRL+Click
  4. Multi coniguous select using SHIFT+Click

3 and 4 are what we are used to in spreadsheet tools so no steep learning curve there.

I like to general feel of the new interface, it's more akin to a traditional email client on your PC (Outlook Express et al) than the online mail readers.

I am a very big user of Gmail, I would welcome some development in this direction from the Google Dome.

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