Saturday, October 14, 2006

InternetCity 125

After a recent article about Virgin deploying WiFi on their trains in the UK I was very surprised to find that ye olde GNER network already had it installed.

Blogging from Coach B of the Edinburgh to Peterbrough service.

All in all not too bad, apart from the price of GBP 2.95 for 30 minutes (plus 5 minutes free). They add the free minutes to allow for the predicted degradation of speed.

Having flown Easy Jet from Luton to Edinburgh I thought I would take the train back. For close travel dates the train was actually have price, plus I can take liquid on board and as my luggage as I want (Easy Jet let you have one piece and then every bag after that is GBP 10).

Total travel time, if you include the drive to the airport and the mandatory wait at the terminal, means the journey is about the same.

Anyway don't want to sound like a "spotter" so on to the point. At my seat I have power to compensate the poor battery on my company laptop :( and the ability to walk around freely, with it being a train an' all.

This has been a space that has been long overdue some form of connectivity like this. I was thinking the other day a nice addition to something like London --> Edinburgh would be a coach with meeting rooms on board. Have your war meeting on the train on the way to the client site.

If they could bring the price down for access, ideally to zero, and we'd be there.

** if you have the First Class I think it's free so thumbs up there

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