Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Me I Meebo

While playing around with my new favourite collaboration tool, Jeteye, I saw that it was possible to save IM's as well. This led me to Meebo.

Meebo allows you to embed an IM client into your website or blog through a widget that you can configure as MeeboMe.com.

You can get a multi way conversation from your site(s) in parallel in browser at Meebo.com. The thing I like about Meebo is that I can also connect to any SIP client and have a consolidated list of my contacts and who is online and offline. I can set my presence globally and this cascades to all of the clients. No more having Yahoo say I'm in a meeting and MSN saying that I'm available.

The application of this client is for on demand client service or similar real time contacts from your web presence.

A great little b-web product.

1 comment:

Matt Lambert said...

Have you seen the Meebo rooms feature?

You can create a multiway chatroom, complete with embedded media files and embed the whole thing on any website or blog. It's intruiging, I just haven't worked out the best use for a business as yet! Any ideas?
Regards. Matt