Friday, May 25, 2007

Mobile IM revisted

Some time ago I posted about MixIt. At the time the nearest competitor that I knew of was Agile. But Agile only supported SIP based IM clients. I just had another look as I start to prepare an insight for the Techdirt Insight Community and I see that Agile now has Google Talk as a listed supported IM clients.

There are more and more players emerging into this space EQO allows for integration with IM and Skype using a GPRS connection to allow you to make Skype calls. This is ideal if you have a plan that supports as much as you can eat but operators in Thailand (DTAC, AIS, TrueMove) are very slow in adopting such plans even though their ARPU is really poor anyway for data services.

Jangl has announced some significant upgrades to their service. They claim to be able to map a phone number to all email accounts in the world. I am very interested to find a service that will allow me to create a collection centre to be used as I overlay David Allen's Getting Things Done across my working and private life. Jangl seemed like a good start but doesn't support Thailand (or Indonesia) and using my SkypeOut number does not allow me to call in and verify my number. I'll guess I'll have to wait until the next time I'm in the UK then :(

A good prospect for me is the service from Intellisoftware. I think I can use that to capture my actions for GTD, more on that later.

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