Monday, June 25, 2007

The sweet side of biofuel

Here in Thailand the Government have been pushing gasahol pretty hard. Gasahol is blended petrol and ethanol.

The trouble is that Thailand loves the Honda Civic and it's VTEC engine, apparently VTEC doesn't like ethanol very much, however I wonder if it would like something a bit sweeter.

Researchers at University of Wisconsin are two years away from producing biofuel from natural sugars (Fructose). The upside is that a sugar based biofuel is 40% more dense than corn based ethanol and this means more fuel once fractionated. Initial studies have shown that a sugar based fuel cell could power an engine.

Read the article on iTWire

The other option here is biodiesel, which uses palm oil and is one of the projects of HM King Bhumipol. Australia opened a palm oil based biodiesel plant last year and is set to produce 140 Million litres per year.

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