Saturday, August 18, 2007

Boradband Express - East Coast Line to get WiFi

It was a joy to be able to use WiFi when traveling from Edinburgh down to Peterborough. Had to pay for it though as I wasn't in First Class.

However good news is that now that National Express have been successful in their bid to operate the East Coast main line, replacing GNER, they plan to extend free WiFi to standard class passengers.

For a journey like Peterborough to Edinburgh the train will certainly become a real alternative to flying. The company I work for has offices in both Cambridge and Edinburgh with frequent visits required. The preferred option is EasyJet. Today with heightened security, a trip to Luton airport, wait times, lost baggage, delays and a trip from the airport at the other end the train is no slower than flying. Add in free WiFi and the happy little workers can still book billable hours on the way.

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