Thursday, November 29, 2007

Location, Location, Location

Location based services are set to be one of the growth areas for mobile devices through 2008.

Previous posts here on the general subject of LBS and usage and contributions to the Techdirt Insight Community on GPS and personal navigation discuss the combination of LBS with franchises or focus usage.

On example was a potential partnership with The Lonely Planet inspired by Loki, see the Loki Plant Guide.

Engadget today posted on Google's cell site location service (I'm making an assumption that it uses cell triangulation in lieu of GPS).

For general use location based services don't, in my opinion, need to be metre level sensitive. Google's neighbourhood level approach should be enough for the average user.

The evolution would be targeted ad, mobile location context adsense. So expect to see small (Mom and Pop) businesses using the service to increase publicity.

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