Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Earlier I wrote about integrating the Gizmo VoIP client with Asterisk (open source PBX) .

Well I mostly use Skype and not Gizmo, for not other reason than familiarity and first come first serve adoption patterns on my part.

Skype is not a SIP based client. They wrote a proprietary protocol as they felt that SIP did not allow the navigation through the firewall that Skype clearly has.

Warning: an aside....
This is one of the advantages for Skype for me. I am frequently on site and very rarely can I get to any other of the Intranet or Extranet parts of the corporate network. Yahoo messenger sometimes works but mostly MSN is blocked. However with Skypes snakelike ability to transit the firewall I always have the options of Skype chat and encrypted file transfer.

People have been trying to get a SIP connection to Skype.... and succeeded for more information go and check TMC and the vendor RSDevs

So good news all round and it runs in Asterisk.

So could this be the first interconnect like system that allows VoIP users to transit between networks?

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