Thursday, June 29, 2006's here and growing

The last week has presented a raft of operators in Thailand jumping on the IPTV bandwagon.

Recent announcements by

And discoveries of a Shingapore Telecom service shows that there is a Thai foray into the delivery of TV over broadband.

The numbers of subscribers are limited by the lack of infrastructure in the Kingdom but True seem to understand what is required and TT&T have a license (under TTT Broadband) that allows them to roll out services in Bangkok as well as their traditional stomping ground of upcountry (rural) areas.

I wonder if the intention had been to try and open up the service in readiness for the world cup, I hope they succeed in getting at least some subscribers to the final as it will be a good test of the service and scalability.

I wish them every success in their endeavours, I already use many services from True; and would be willing to look at some of the TT&T offerings as both of these companies are really trying to make an effort to shift from the voice revenue market, and pushing hard to morph their companies to adapt to the new reality of Telco today.

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