Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Upside Downism

Like many people out there I started my blog by commenting on things that I had found on the News feeds, I try not to recycle other peoples blog entries but this is a common practice as well.

For me the blogosphere was an echo of the traditional press, akin to the thunder clap after the lightning bolt.

Over the past few months I have noticed that the storm is getting nearer; I now hear the thunder very quickly after seeing the lightning.

In some sectors the blogosphere is now very much the lightning generator and there is often a delay before the old guard (BBC et al) feel the pulse. More interestingly there seems to be a higher form of intelligence in the bloggers. On many occasions people are authoring in isolation on the same (at least very similar) ideas and concepts.

The pace of idea forming is increasing exponentially as the seed of the idea is shared across the blogosphere and extrapolated in follow up postings.

To quote the BBC yesterday

If you believe the hype, blogs are as significant as the invention of the printing press for their ability to change the way the world will be seen. If on the other hand you believe the counter-hype, blogs are a self-indulgence which pander to dull people's misguided beliefs that they have something interesting to say
I know which category I fit into :) but I do see the shift that is turning traditional Journalism, upside down, where the breaking news is being broken in the blogosphere first.

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