Saturday, December 01, 2007

Finally a real use for the camera phone

During some research for a submission on the Techdirt Insight Community, on the use of camera phones, I stumbled across ShotCode.

The basic idea is to use your camera and Bluetooth connection to read a simple circular barcode on a poster or object. The code is interpreted and further information is sent back to the handset for you to read.

Some usage examples:

  • History of maintenance in a server room, a code on each rack or machine
  • Further information on an object, great use to get kids interested in museums
  • Advert context, show times for a film
I was also talking to a family member about how to make the London Underground more user friendly for foreign visitors. I like the idea of using ShotCodes on the station that could give visitors an idea on what is available near this station (shops, sights etc) and potentially how to get there IN THEIR OWN LANGUAGE. A different code for German, Chinese, Thai etc.

The use of this concept could finally allow camera phones to jump into the average user who wants to do more than social networking.

The good news my contribution was used so you can read the full story on camera phones at PhoneTalk.

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