Thursday, December 13, 2007

Would Calchas predict the future of the book?

The Greek prophet Calchas might have been successful in predicting the future of the books popularity but what would he have thought of eBooks?

Not so long after the announcement on the Kindle, which in turn has created a lot of coverage around the blogosphere, iRex have announced a partnership with Dymocks books in Australia.

This is significant as it moves the eBook reader into the traditional outlet to harness it's capabilities and potential popularity. Dymocks may be achieve first mover advantage in actively partnering with what other sellers may see as the competition.

The iLiad's on board WiFi connection can be used there in the store to download compatible books (they have to be in the mobipocket format). iLiad's strengths also include the ability to read PDF and display HTML, something Kindle can do with support through the Amazon portal only.

Let's hope that the New Zealand branches also offer the service.

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