Monday, December 03, 2007

Reading by Kindle Light

I was really excited to read about Kindle from Amazon.

I have been interested in the idea of a book reader for some time as I use a lot of reference books and read a lot when traveling. I still enjoy the book experience but it's not convenient to lug a load of books around with you as you move from hotel to hotel.

The other benefit is the ready access to English language books which aren't always easy to find in Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia etc.

I have written about how book readers still could evolve to be more akin to reading a book but that is some time away.

So what is different about Kindle compared to it's peers...

  • uses e-ink to save battery power
  • wireless access to Wikipedia
But most of the differentiators are in the wireless delivery and browsing ability to the content portal from the device.

Knidle uses EV-DO to deliver the book, up to 200, on to your device. You can also use the USB connection to manage the content from your PC.

The only problem is that today Amazon isn't shipping outside of the US and the EV-DO network is Sprint only.

I really think that Amazon is on to a winner I just hope they accelerate their plans to broaden their geography...

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