Friday, September 09, 2005

HDTV the center of your smart home?

The UK is a late adopter of HDTV, we're barely using digital TV so what do you expect.

The US and Asia are very keen on HDTV, the Germans on hot on the trail in readiness for really good quality close ups of successful dives for a penalty in next years World Cup Finals.

At IFA, Berlin, Panasonic's Fumio Ohtsubo shared his vision of HDTV as the center of all things media in your home. I find this interesting as for a long time people have been bantering the phrase "Quadruple Play" about.

Yet another example of non-traditional providers allowing voice.

To my mind it reinforces the vision of the future, voice is simply another form of content and the experienced content delivery channels will energe as the major telcos.

PCCW are already set to deliver Quadruple Play services.

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