Friday, September 09, 2005

A WiMax revolution?

Just read a very interesting article by Matthew Fordahl.

For some time I've been looking for a realistic alternative to the GSM monopoly of mobile communication. There needs to a be challenger to try and drive down costs to the end-customer, WiMax may go along way to providing this.

IP access is generally cheaper than GSM access, lay over this the cost incurred when roaming. Most operators charge a premium for th service, here in Thailand one such operator adds 25% on top of the real call charges. The roaming usage is paid separately to the incumbant that owns the internationl gateway.

A WiMax network and a suitable handset combined with mobile centric VoIP solutions would give me freedom from the abuse of charges levied by todays MNO's. The ranges and speed available via WiMax solve some of the problems in a traditional 802.11 network today, regarding mobile "telephony". The extended range partially solves the single largest inhibitor, the hand off of the call.

OK so it's not truly mobile, but how many of us use a mobile phone as was intended. We typically commute to work and then remain within one or two GSM cells for the best part of the day. This usage pattern would be ideal for a WiMax network.

Want a bit more information on WiMax? check out the WiMax Forum. We will need an extra onus on suitable VoIP solution for mobile devices (Phones, PDA's) and we finally might find a use for those cameras we all have on our phones, mobile video conferencing.

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