Thursday, September 29, 2005

VoIP grows up and goes High Street

Once seen as the technology for geeks VoIP is going to take a step into the mainstream following the announcement by Dixons, and it's sister chains of high street shops, to begin selling the FreeTalk VoIP phone kit.

The founders of FreeServe internet providers think the timing is right to launch a starter kit that plugs directly into your broadband channel. There is no need to be PC bound to get cheap national and international calls.

The Register report a statement by national carrier British Telecom that they are not overly concerned as they think that the public are not ready for the technology. Maybe it's just a bitter pill after the poor take up of BT Communicator. As usual market forces will determine the success of the technology or not. The price will pay a large part, obviously, and possibly the fact that it's not BT will help. There could well be skepticism that the BT offering was not as cheap as it could get; a bit unfair on one of the old style carriers that is trying it's best to shift and adapt to the threat that VoIP brings to their dominance.

For those of us who are happy with the PC based solutions, like Skype, but would like the convenience of movement while you talk there are other options already available today..

If your PC supports it you could by yourself a Bluetooth headset, sure that solves the problem. You have another option as well, and Siemens can combine your DECT phone with your VoIP solution with the use of Gigaset and a cordless phone.

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