Monday, September 12, 2005

Light at the end of the Modem

Fiber-to-the-Home due to go on a limited trial in Thailand.

An article in the Bangkok Post, and repeated here in TeleGeography, this week clearly set the expectation that cable broadband was on the way. A limited trial, by number and province, is to start as a collaboration between Fiber-to-the-Home Co. Ltd (FTTH) and Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA). PEA will be providing the use of the fiber optic network for data transmission.

The FTTH project, a spin off of FreeInternet Co. Ltd., will be providing a triple play service pack offering broadband internet, VoIP and Interactive TV as a simultaneous feed.

What does this mean for those of us in Thailand:

1. Faster Internet for ever growing virtual life
2. An escape from the stranglehold of the Domestic and Internationl voice service providers ona good quality connection
3. The start of the end for the monopoly, controlled by that politicians family, that is UBC.

The use of fiber will be a great relief to many as the current digital satelite UBC TV service is disrupted by heavy rain; resulting in loss of signal. Not a great prospect for a country that has a 6 month long rainy season.

The broadband internet solution provides a good solution for those of us who need more bandwidth but don't wish to get tied in with the ipStar satellite option, again controlled by that politicians family.

The more challenge we see to monopolies of media and connectivity the better as it will finally create an onus for the curent providers to understand the need for quality of service and good customer relations, once we can vote with our feet our wallets will surely follow.

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