Monday, September 19, 2005

More Power in Your Pocket

Toshiba announced their latest DMFC (Direct Methanol Fuel Cell) evolution.

This pocket sized device is targeted at Flash Memory based media, such as MP3 players, but they also have a Hard Drive suitable version. The improvements in playing time are considerable.

This is off the back of their recent revelation on their Nano-Technology battery that reaches 80% of it's charge in one minute.

The days of true mobility are approaching...rapidly. One of the problems with Mobiles and laptops has been the poor performance of the power sources and with this the tie to a fixed point for charging. With the new options soon available will be able to more for longer periods away from the electricity socket. The DMFC MP3 player will be available this year. The Nano-tech Lithium Ion battery is slated to be available next year.

With these powers sources at hand we will be able to make the most of the internet access now available on flights and more mobile usage. It also raises interesting questions on a re-emergence of realistic options for battery powered cars, with fast charging times that will significantly extend the effective range. As a friend suggested, imagine pulling up to a red light and getting the battery on your car recharged to 80% while you wait for the lights to change to green. Now that is a vision that I hope will be realised.

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